BIG BANG & BIG EYE, Rocking World!

LiteLEES BIG EYE Firing BIG BANGuangzhou Concert!

They won “The World’s Most Popular Group ” at 2014 World Music Awards.
They were the first Asian group winner at MTV Europe Music Awards.
They were the first Korean act to be featured on the Grammy Awards homepage.
They are international icon, BIG BANG! 

He is a rising star in stage lighting industry.
He is one of the earliest and biggest supplier of beam moving head in China
He is the 1st BIG EYE with LED Beam Wash & Shape effect supplier in China.
He is Guangzhou Lees Electronics Co. Ltd! 

What on earth will happen when BIG BANG runs into Big EYE?

They first met in Korean Countdown Live 2014.The host of the concert was highly satisfied with the perfect effect of BIG EYE

The stability of lighting and high quality service from LiteLEES add more luster to the concert,

Not to mention the perfectly pure color, sharpy  beam and wonderful special “Vortex” effect.


When the hosts are preparing for BIG BANG 2015 World Tour, BIG EYE is designated as a necessary lighting for stage set.

The group will start their China Tour first, visiting five cities:Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan.

And they will also perform in Southeast Asia, Australia and North American area.

For BIG EYE is a must for the concert,  

The hosts of the concert from all over the world have to contact with LiteLEES one after another with a skeptical eye. 

Then the amazing thing is coming. The hosts from Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Beijing, Shanghai and

Guangzhou have seen the lighting effect of BIG EYE and made a further discussion with our engineers and sales,and finally,

They know why BIG BANG is so favor of  BIG EYE.Thus,they changed their views from distrust to trust, never hesitating to purchase BIG EYE.

This is a story between BIG BANG & BIG EYE. Is it amazing? Unbelievable.That is a truth. As a saying goes,

a good horse with a good saddle, a good concert with a good lighting.

BIG BANG & BIG EYE, Perfect!!!

Big Bang 2015 World Tour Guangzhou Station has started on May 30 & 31 in Guangzhou International Sports Center,

nearly lasting three hours, using more than 70 pcs Big EYE.It is a simply magnificent show.

The Beijing station show will continue performing on June 5, then visiting Hong Kong, Thailand.

This is just a beginning!

BIG EYE will be with BIG BANG, traveling around the world...


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